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Zara Noor Abbas responds to Badshah Begum Milk Bath controversy

Zara Noor Abbas has responded to the drama Badshah Begum Milk Bath controversy.

It is quite unfortunate that Pakistani drama audiences can’t figure out the difference between reality and fiction when it comes to drama or film.

It was the other day when social media saw some criticism towards the actress and drama series for showing a milk bath ritual.

“This wasn’t milk we slid in – just some water and artificial colour.  P.S – THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY WITH FICTIONAL SITUATIONS, with SOME relevance to reality,” Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui wrote.

Check out Zara’s Instagram slider post which has behind the scene moments as well.

Hum Tv’s newly started drama series has been shot in Pir Jo Goth on the outskirts of Larkana city at producer Rafay Rashdi’s ancestral haveli.

The story plot revolves around royal sibling rivalries and a battle over the throne of the fictional village of Pirapur.

Zara Noor Abbas features in Badshah Begum as the titular pirni’s character.

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