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Greenstar celebrates Mother’s Day with a commitment to female-health

GSM is playing the biggest role in protecting the health and wellbeing of Mother and Child in Pakistan

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Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM) conducted a special session on Facebook, to commemorate the occasion of Mother’s Day 2020. This emotionally rich event inspired the families, to cherish the selfless love and devotion of the Mothers, who create the strongest bonds and ensure the healthy nurturing of every child. Being the leading institution, specialized in Family Planning and Reproductive Health, GSM is playing the biggest role in protecting the health and wellbeing of Mother and Child in Pakistan, for 28 years now.

It is committed to fulfilling the hopes and dreams of every mother to make a positive socio-economic impact on the whole nation. On this occasion, the sacrifices and struggles of a Mother were acknowledged, along with emphasizing on “Work-Life Balance” to care for mothers and other family members, so a healthier lifestyle is ensured for the whole society.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of GSM – Dr. Syed Azizur Rab stated: “Every day is Mother’s Day at GSM. Mother is the life of every home. Each one of us must contribute towards protecting the mothers’ health. As the whole world is currently facing an unprecedented health-challenge, most of the OPDs, Chemists, Pharmacies, distributors, and health-services are closed in Pakistan. So, 70% of Pakistan’s population is deprived of advice on health & Family-Planning.”

Dr. Syed Azizur Rab also warned that; “50% women in Pakistan are Anemic, mainly due to repeated, unwanted pregnancies or insufficient gaps between child-births. Iron or Calcium deficiencies can also increase the risks & chances of mortality, while insufficient Vitamin D may lead to Osteoporosis. So, GSM has the vision to reduce all these health issues for women.”

GSM recognizes Mother’s Day as an opportunity to raise awareness about the vulnerability of women’s health, to promise higher standards of health-care facilities, and a better quality of life for women. It is empowering women to participate in nation-building for more sustainability in the future. It engages with all stakeholders; the civil society, academia, media & government institutions for this noble cause.

GSM provides SRH&FP (Sexual Reproductive Health & Family Planning) services, 24/7 for the masses, while it operates the only helpline in Pakistan – called POOCHO, to answer all queries and spread awareness. It voluntarily delivers safe & reliable, quality contraceptive products, at affordable prices. GSM is an independent member of the global network – ‘Population Services International’ (PSI). It has contributed 12% to 15% yearly to the national ‘Couple Years of Protection’ (CYPs), through its nationwide network of 6,000 plus private-providers, engaging over 100,000 pharmacies & retailers, supported by over 400 field staff members.

GSM strategically trains the basic health service-providers and private clinics at the grass-roots level and is teaching them to use technology, to ensure social-distancing for the safety of the masses, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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