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Group M’s Huge E-Comm Fest Will Be A Game Changer For The Digital Industry In Pakistan

For most of us, its easy to sit at home and order away whatever we want online. The world of online shopping and solutions has grown massively, thanks to a number of persistent people who keep working on the backend. But do we know how these services reach the consumer? In Pakistan the E-commerce market is still an emerging one, solution providers, online retailers still need to build a repo with the direct consumer in order to gain trust and kickstart a worthy, long term relationship.

To connect these service providers, in order to help vendors drive conversions through E- tailor partnerships, Group m, been the leading agency bringing forth digital innovations and industry first product launches, brought together  industry’s top entrepreneurs to provide conversion and action based campaign solutions at its E-Comm Fest, Digital Day 3, 2018.

Team Group m

The Group m Digital Day 2018 was a complete solution for all the brands trying to establish themselves on E-commerce portals. Industry partners for Group m, converged under one roof, addressing all challenges concerning E-commerce and its sturdy growth in Pakistan.

  • Payment Partners: To increase online transactions, Group m brought on board its leading online payment partners, Jazz Cash, and Sim Sim. Providing the easiest payment solutions for online purchases, Jazz Cash showcased how a cashless future would look like.
Mr. Fahad Ibrahim and team representing Jazz Cash
  • Platform Partners: Industry giants such as Daraz, Yayvo, MyGerry’s etc. educated how their platforms can be optimized to get maximum ROI and conversions. Also, Google presented all their globally acclaimed ecommerce solutions.
Ms. Madeeha Tareen and team at
Yayvo Kiosk

Delivery Partners: GroupM partners with Blue Ex as a delivery partner for all online purchases. Comprehensive e-distribution solutions and ambitious sales targets, Blue Ex, is fast, easy and reliable.

Ms. Sajida Khan and team at BlueEX
Mr. Nouman Saeed and team at FedEx

Technology Partners: Group m’s technology partners Fishery, Technify and Convex, were present to leverage their API technology to pair with e-tailors for efficient inventory listing and tracking stock availability on net. Explaining attendees the need for efficient inventory, stock tracking and reordering issues.

Mr. Harris Hasan and team at Convex kiosk
Mr. Shahrukh Chaudhary and Team Technify

Custom made for digital creative solutions for those in attendance and otherwise were accommodated by Sizemek, Group m creative partners


Present at the E-Comm Fest, Digital Day 03 were a number of solution providers as well;

Mr. Mian Taimoor Ahmad and team at Bramerz
Mr. Ghouse Uddin Khan and team at Adaxis kiosk
Mr. Rizwan Shaikh and Team at Webiz Media Kiosk
Mr. Saif Ali Khan and team representing Jang Media Group
Mr. Sameer Salehin and Team at BYKEA
Mr. Hasnain Asif and team at SocialCxN
Mr. Ali Umair and Team at Express Digital Kiosk

Group M, brought forth the finest performing digital agencies to help with the revolutionizing  of the digital scope in Pakistan and presenting the best brand solutions for e-tailors and their E-commerce partners. The hub of activity at the E-Comm Fest, Digital Day 03′ 2018 ensured, Group M, is committed to broadening the horizons for digitization in the country and on international scales.

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