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Mazaak Tha Aik Baar Phir tickled our funny bones right!

Life has become very tough. And every once in a while, people really need to relax and unwind. Presenting such an opportunity to all Karachities, Eventesia brought across the amazing comic show, Mazaak Tha Aik Baar Phir.

Presenting the comic lineup of some amazing comedians, including  Tabish Hashmi, Syed Muhammad Kumail, Ali Abdullah, Usman Mazhar, Ehsan Yar, Junaid Malik and Hassan Bin Shaheen. Tabish Hashmi hosted the event and set the stage on fire with his funny anecdotes, ones which provided the much needed comic relief everybody in attendance really wanted.

90 minutes of belly aching laughter with some really funny adult jokes, Mazaak Tha Aik Baar Phir, really allowed the audience in attendance to unwind with some quality comedy. Yep, we had adult jokes but they sure were funny and not subjected to filth as well. All in all, Mazaak Tha Aik Baar Phir came as a breath of fresh air for all those looking for good distraction from their everyday, sad, hectic routines.

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