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Bonanza Satrangi’s Campaign #IAMSATRANGI Celebrates Achievements of Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Bonanza Satrangi takes an initiative and highlights the stories of the incredible women who with determination and resilience, broke the stereotypes. Women’s day is all about encouraging people to look around and get inspiration from the role models who have made a difference. Bonanza Satrangi’s Campaign #IAMSATRANGI celebrates the achievements of a few of these women influencers and highlights how they are striking the perfect balance of life.

Areeba Siddiqui
Areeba Siddiqui, an artist by profession, is someone who boldly presents our society through her creativity and illustrations. She believes in making a difference through her thoughts that she paint in various colors, with pride. The young artist aims to work for those who dare to be different and embrace their uniqueness without any fear. Areeba is a superhero who wears her invisible cape and encourages young girls and women to chase their dreams and turn them into reality.

Eman Khan
Eman is a passionate young, female kickboxer, who believes women with strong will and bold attitude can step into any field of their choice, without having to fear anything. She negates all the preconceived notions about women and is determined to pursue her career with full ambition. She’s full of life, a goal-oriented girl who is an inspiration to all the young girls who are still afraid to follow their dreams.

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Zenith Irfan
Zenith is the embodiment of women empowerment for she took off on a bike, unaccompanied and became Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist to ride across the country. Zenith inspires us through her daring attitude and sets an ideal example for all the young girls and women. She is living her father’s dream who wanted to travel around the world on his motorbike but passed away at a very young age. Zenith is fulfilling his father’s dream by making it her own proudly. She is a woman who shows us how dreams can take you places, only if you have the will and courage to do so.

Zarnak Sidhwa
Chef Zarnak Sidhwa is a renowned name in culinary art, who with her remarkable cooking abilities and sheer hard work became one of the finest cooking experts of Pakistan. A mother to two lively boys, Zarnak sets an example of a strong, ambitious woman who inspires us with her charisma, through delectable meals every day. She is a woman who is adored by millions of people in Pakistan as well as worldwide because of her expertise in a variety of cuisines.

Maliha Rehman
Another #IAMSATRANGI woman, Maliha Rehman, is a fashion journalist, who has a penchant for writing about local and international fashion circuit. Through her writings, she has informed and educated masses about Pakistani fashion and how it has evolved. Maliha inspires us through her impressive writing and sets an example for young girls and women who wish to pursue their careers in journalism. She is the one who will inspire countless others to join the profession.

Through the #IAMSATRANGI campaign, Bonanza Satrangi aims to broaden perceptions and challenges stereotypes, whilst celebrating these five female high achievers. This campaign serves as a reminder to everyone that strong women with passion and courage can leave a powerful impact on our lives and inspire us every day to be a better version of ourselves.

Saman Siddiqui

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