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Cardi B’s Head to Toe Covered Outfit in Paris Sparks Controversy

Cardi B, often known to be in the news for her boldest of behaviors, has sparked a controversy with her latest Paris Fashion Week appearance in the city. Donning a Richard Quinn floral ensemble, covered from head to toe Cardi appeared outside Eiffel Tower, Paris and got widely popular.

However, the video did not get viral for Cardi’s fashion statement but rather it raised questions on France’s and west’s hypocrisy about Muslim women having the choice to dress up the way they like.

The rapper herself posted the video on Instagram where she’s seen wearing a blue and green floral printed coat, skirt, headscarf, face mask, gloves, and socks – covering her from head to toe in every possible way. However, while Cardi was hailed by Vogue as ‘boldest’, the world wondered about the rights of Muslim women who are fined £150 if they step out of their homes in France, wearing merely a veil or niqab.


Game of Thrones actor Nathalie Emmanuel also took to social media taking a dig at the double standard:

“Religious Muslim women get slandered and humiliated publicly by the French public and government on a daily basis for wearing a hijab but when Cardi B does shit like this you call her queen,” said a Twitter user reacting to the viral video of Cardi.

Another added, “Soooo is anyone in France going to raise security concerns about Cardi B fully covering herself, or does that argument only apply to Muslim women in niqab?”

“So it’s illegal for Muslim women to wear the niqab in France, but when Cardi B dresses in a “head to toe” outfit for Paris fashion week it’s celebrated ?? Make it make sense,” wrote another Twitter user.

While some came up with a smart strategy to deal with the west’s hypocrisy, “Interesting how things are ok when done in the name of other than religion. Maybe Muslim women have to start saying it’s a fashion statement. Allah knows what’s in our hearts so fight them at their own game”, wrote another tweeter user.


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