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Dior Apologizes for China’s Map Controversy

China is fighting on many fronts to claim its ‘One China’ territory and one of the most pressing conflicts the country faces is that of Taiwan. Self-governed state at the moment, Taiwan is considered a part of its territory by China, and anyone disputing the fact has to bear consequences.

The consequences came into play for fashion label Christian Dior as the company mistakenly excluded Taiwan out of China’s map during a presentation at Zhejiang Gongshang University, on Wednesday. The fashion label was conducting a recruitment drive at the university campus where it intended to highlight its outlet spread across the country.

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Following the incident, Dior faced severe backlash from Chinese nationals and as a result, an immediate apology was issued by the brand on Weibo – a Chinese social media platform.

“Dior first extends our deep apologies for the incorrect statement and misrepresentation made by a Dior staff member at a campus presentation,” said the statement.

“Dior always respects and upholds the one-China principle, strictly safeguards China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and treasures the feelings of the Chinese people,” it further stated while adding that an investigation had begun to reach to the bottom of the matter.

Dior also categorically stated that it supported China’s territorial sovereignty, and such errors would not take place in the future.

In recent years, Dior is the latest brand to issue an apology for mistakenly overstepping boundaries that China considers vital for its foreign business to abide by. Earlier Givenchy, Coach, and Versace had also apologized for similar controversies.

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