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Frieha Altaf apologizes after being schooled for mocking random people’s airport attires

People sarcastically termed the lady as fashion police


Snapping and ridiculing random people for their dressing is a common practice here,  but why does it become disturbing when a celebrity does the same. Perhaps that’s because people consider these celebrities to be infulencers, people with followers, who have the power to influence just about anything. And perhaps that is why celebs are avidly mocked for doing something, that a random person might just get away with.

Recently, veteran model and PR queen, Frieha Altaf came under fire for mocking people for their different attire at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad. What came as more disturbing was not the mockery of the attires but clicking pictures of random people and uploading them on social media. And hence Frieha was mocked for not only commenting on people but also invading personal space and respect.

Social media erupted in a series of slams and the yesteryear model was shamed for her conduct.

Frieha was not only mocked but slammed because people confirmed her commentary as a sort of harassment for those snapped without permission. However, the veteran model and PR queen was quick to publicly apologize for hurting people and their sentiments.

And now after a public apology, Frieha’s case rests in the hands of the public, who will definitely keep it revved up unless they find something else to talk about!

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