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Hazim Bangwar steals the spotlight at the Hum Style Awards 2024

Hazim Bangwar, the former assistant commissioner of Karachi, stole the spotlight at the Hum Style Awards 2024.

Hazim Bangwar’s show-stopping appearance went viral on social media.


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Former assistant commissioner Karachi stood out among all the celebrities at the Awards function leaving actor-host Yasir Hussain awestruck.

In the past, Hazim has frequently made headlines for his fashion fondness and was often named the coolest AC in town. 
Hazim, 30, holds a degree in Design & Marketing from AIU London and a second degree LLB from the University of London.
Last year he made it to the cover of a fashion magazine, saying, “I’m so honoured and excited to be on the cover of @fhmpakistan June Issue! Doing my first Pakistan Magazine cover, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do the shoot and interview with.”

It was last year when a journalist named Rai Saqib Kharal shared a video clip of Hazim who was AC Nazimabad at that time, replying to a question saying, “About those calling me a transgender… I am not a transgender, I am male. I am not a woman, I’m a male. However, these speculations were a bit offensive. Not for me, personally. But the fact that these people were calling me a woman, and using it as an insult, is offensive to mothers, sisters, working women, female officers.”

He added, “They constantly reinforce the stereotype that being a woman is bad. I am not a woman so this does not affect me personally. But what are you promoting? Is being a woman bad? Or being a third gender is bad? That is completely unfair. And I would say it is offensive. I feel offended on behalf of the women and the transgender community.”


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