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Hum Style Awards 2021: The style has lost the Pakistani touch!

Style doesn’t mean expensive clothes and showing off skin!

Hum Style Awards 2021Hum Style Awards 2021 | OyeYeah News

The Hum Style Awards held in Lahore on Sunday night have become the talk of the town.

Ever since the photos and the video clips started to circulate on social media, the apparent question that struck many as if the awards were being held in the United States of Pakistan.

Every other celebrity appearing on the red carpet was clad in west-inspired dresses, and we believe our local designers have lost the touch of Pakistani style in their creativity when it comes to designing dresses for female celebrities.

And of course, Pakistani culture doesn’t represent men appearing in public without wearing shirts as well.

There is a thin line between being glamorous and vulgar but seems like the stylists have lost the touch.

Well, that was our analysis after covering the event last night, however, there seem to be many others who agree with the thought.

As a reminder, we would like to tell our readers and the organizers thatThe Hum Style Awards are annual accolades attended by stars from the television, fashion, and music industries of Pakistan.

While the celebrities in attendance are supposed to wear outfits that show the very best that Pakistani fashion has to offer.

Sadly, the latest edition of the award ceremony was nowhere near it.

No one cared who won or lost the award only the dressing sense at the event remained in focus.

Check out how netizens and a few celebrities reacted to the 5th Hum Style Awards event


Veteran actor Simi Raheel reacting to the dressing at the award function, wrote, “What’s with the dresses people? Please explain why it is important to dress like the western fashion world please explain! Do we have any cultural identity left? I can walk English, I can talk English but I can never be English! Being modern comes from the mind from education from being enlightened.”

“Note to Alizeh Shah, practice in heels, not flats so you are comfortable during the performance! Note to Aima Baig, take dance classes and look interested. Resham is the ultimate diva learn from her!”, she added.


Actor Bilal Qureshi  in an Instagram story said,  “Ladies, you all are beautiful and talented so trust me you don’t have to wear revealing dresses to look like a diva in any award show (with due respect).” 


Top model, Alyzeh Gabol taking a dig in her Instagram story posted, “Looks like it’s Halloween all over again. Oh God, my eyes.”

Actor-model turned host, Iffat Omar also openly criticized the style at the event.

“RIP fashion sense in Pakistan.” She wrote in the caption, “Sad but true. It was the death of fashion. Television actor Nazish Jahangir shared the same post, writing in the caption, “Afsoos #pakistanmediaindustry”, she wrote.


While actor Actor Faizan Sheikh also shared his thoughts. 

“Not one stand out style… we need to learn big time. Style doesn’t mean expensive clothes. Style doesn’t mean skin show. Style doesn’t mean go crazy with it. You can make a style statement even with something very simple yet very classy!”, he wrote in his Instagram story.

Netizens also kept a close watch at the event:

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