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In conversation with Humayun Alamgir – An epitome of class and style

It often takes years of countless experiments here and there to discover where one’s true passion lies and once found, life just keeps getting better and better.

Taking a break from his sports career and deeply reflecting on his interests, Humayun Alamgir – a former sportsman and now fashion icon and designer, discovered an extremely creative side to himself and thus began his journey in 2005.

Humayun Alamgir

Unlike many other designers, Humayun hadn’t really taken up Fashion Designing in his university but with endless days and nights of hard work and determination and an inner self wanting nothing less than perfection in each design put forward, he is now considered one of the top designers for men’s wear in Pakistan.

Humayun Alamgir-1

Looking at the fashion industry in Pakistan, especially for men, we see a number of well-known designers going head to head with each other however producing the same monotonous pieces with a mainstream colour palette in each collection and thus disregarding any form of innovation whatsoever.

FPW winter festive 19

What’s different about Humayun Alamgir is his unique sense of style and out-of-the-box designs that truly make heads turn. From the traditionally simple shalwar kameez to the classy prince coats worn by the handsome show stoppers at FPW 2019, it is evident just how versatile this particular designer can be!

Humayun Alamgir

“Fashion is not just for looking good, it is to portray your personality without communicating with others,” Humayun says and by taking a look at his designs, we honestly can’t agree more! It is indeed this very strong will of his paired up with his never-ending determination that has gotten several celebrities demanding for none other than his designs to wear to shoots and events!

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