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Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics – a brand destined to shine

Social media is the magical platform where fates can be changed and one can become a celebrity overnight. Where on one hand nowadays fame is easily earned there on the other hand permanent or long-lasting fame still is earned only through hard work.

There may be a lot of names coming to your mind regarding this but one of the famous and the most recent example is of a 26-year-old Faisalabad girl who has gone from being a girl next door to a well-loved celebrity really quick. Merium started off with making an Instagram account on 26th June’2018 where she used to upload her make-up tutorials and skincare routine videos. These videos soon came to notice of the general public and people started supporting the young girl.

All this love and support persuaded Merium to make her own YouTube channel and she did so. The initial start was no doubt a hard one but she was lucky enough to not to face many hardships since this talented girl reached 1 million subscribers by uploading only 62 of her videos. Merium also owns a silver and a golden button awarded to her by YouTube.

She is a role model for the youth especially the ambitious female population who want to earn through digital means. The blogger has uploaded many videos guiding people on how to earn by social media. Merium is immensely loved by the audience because of her down-to-earth nature, the stories she uploads are realistic and that is why the majority can relate to her. From stitching ideas to dressing up ideas, from skincare routine to make-up tutorials her videos give you all.

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The energetic “Hello Jee” girl has just stepped into business by launching her own make-up brand titled “Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics”. The products are not only high-end but also reasonable in terms of prices making self-love affordable. Although limited products have been launched at the moment these products are receiving immense love and support from people around the country and are being reviewed positively by famous bloggers on social media. The level of support that these products are earning show that the brand will be among the famous make-up brands shortly. The price of the products ranges from as low as Rs.1000/- to Rs.4000/- that can be easily afforded by the population and in such reasonable prices high-quality products are available what more could one ask for.


Recently because of the pricing of the products the blogger has been a part of controversy but this too has not caused any harm to her fame or has not resulted in a decrease in her fan following or in the amount of love she gets from the public instead just like a dignified person she has chosen to stay quiet on this matter and let the fate do its thing. Many supporters of the blogger have spoken up in her support and have highlighted the fact that instead of leg-pulling we should support our people who take the initiative to work and also support our brands.

Lastly, we wish this enthusiastic, ambitious young lady the best of luck for her future endeavors’ and hope that she will do great in this field and in fact in all fields that she steps into.



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