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Shah Rukh Khan and his son trolled for sporting Native American war bonnets

People are criticizing the father-son duo for cultural appropriation.


This is not the first time that a Bollywood celebrity has been trolled for sporting the Native American war bonnet.

The latest we get to know is Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan along with his youngest son sported the native American war bonnet, and people are not happy with it.

A new photo was shared by  Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan on her Instagram account which features SRK and their youngest son AbRam.


People came in condemning this as cultural appropriation, as these war bonnets are an integral part of Native American history and culture and should not be used as a fashion accessory.


Cultural appropriation is the act of inappropriately adopting ideas from a culture that’s not one’s own, especially of minorities, in an ignorant and unacknowledged manner by a relatively dominant community.

It was earlier this year when Daboo Ratnani unveiled his celeb calendar for 2019 and Shraddha Kapoor sported the native American war bonnet and received a severe backlash.

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  • Why blaming him, AbRam or Gauri for that? In Europe is normal to play Cowboy and “Native American” for childs and this has nothing to do with cultural appropriation it´s rather the opposite. Bcs we playing this as Kids we are aware about the Native Americans and about their history, we learned bcs of this was happend to them an how crusial the “White Men” were and still are.

    I know the place where this pics were taken and there are lot informatian about the different tribes, their history and way of living. It´s a teaching place where kids can see, how important it is so respect the native tribes all over the world.

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