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Thank you Sajal Aly for normalizing repeating outfits

The actress wore her engagement dress to her post wedding dinner

Sajal AlyThank you Sajal Aly for normalizing repeating outfits - OyeYeah News

Its always a good feeling to see a celebrity, someone with such influential powers, endorsing something good. It’s good when celebs recognize the responsibility and play a part to normalize a lot of superficial standards of the society we live in.

This time, we’re talking about actress Sajal Aly who took an initiative, perhaps knowingly, to normalize repeating clothes on major occasions.

We say this because, the newly wedded bride, Sajal Aly was seen sporting her engagement dress on her post wedding dinner.


From the glimpses one has had on social media, it seems the Yeh Dil Mera actor repeated her bespoke Zara Shahjehan engagement number at the post nikkah dinner in Abu Dhabi.

With wedding attendees.

There is no shame in recycling/re-wearing clothing pieces especially when they are absolutely elegant and seem to cost a fortune.

Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama have done the same in the past and now kudos to Sajal for following a similar path.

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