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Top 6 drugstore eye-shadow palettes with the burst of colors

Colorful eye makeup has been a thing for a long time. Editorial makeup and runway makeup mostly has so much pop of color that it makes models look more captivating. However, it was never worn as commonly as it is now. On everyday basis, people mostly went for warm neutrals, golds and bronze shades. These days, you can use any eye shadow color that you want on your eyes. Nevertheless, finding a pigmented, colorful eye shadow palette that don’t break your bank is a very difficult task. To make the hunt easier for you, here’s a list of some of my favourite drugstore eye shadow palettes that have very pigmented colorful shades.

Juvia’s Place – The Zulu Palette

This is by far my favorite drugstore palette that has such gorgeous colors. Every shade in this palette blends seamlessly on the skin, and the color payoff is extremely amazing. It is too good for the price. the pan size is huge, means the product is going to last you for ages!

Find it for 3850/- PKR at

Juvia’s Place – The Festival Palette

Here’s another banger by Juvia’s place. Actually, all of their palettes are simply bomb. But these two have such colors that I never get tired of using and swatching again and again. Each and every shade in this one is gorgeous, but the burnt yellow in it is the winner in my eyes since this shade is very difficult to formulate.

Bh Cosmetics – Take me back to Brazil palette

The only drawback of this one is the size of the pans. They are really small compared to any other eye shadow palette, but for the price I think it is justified. The color payoff is really good for the price and if you use with a good eye primer, it’s definitely a banger.

NYX Cosmetics – Ultimate Shadow Palette (Bright)

NYX is definitely getting a little pricey now, but 16 beautiful and pigmented shades for such price is surely fair. It works really well and the mattes are absolutely amazing in this palette.

Find it for 3150/- PKR at

Revolution Beauty – Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette (Defiant)

Revolution Beauty, formerly known as Makeup Revolution, is a game changes when it comes to affordable eyeshadow palettes. The reason for liking this one is the diversity of colors in it. You can create both everyday neutral makeup look and festive, springy kind of eye look. Every shades blends beautifully with a decent color payoff. Pan size is pretty large as well.

Find it for 2500/- PKR at

Revolution Beauty – Redemption Palette (Acid Brights)

This is the least pricey palette that I own in my colorful eye shadow collection. But just because the price is low, doesn’t mean the quality isn’t good. It was my first colorful eye shadow palette and I love the neon-ish feel in it. I find this one a little tricky to work with because neon shades are a bit hard to apply. This one takes a little more work to build the color but in the end gives really pretty look.

Find it for 950/- PKR at

Honorable mention – Morphe 35B

Why I did not include Morphe 35B palette in the list above is not because I lest like it, but because it has been discontinued by the company (breaks my heart to even think about it!)
Morphe is an amazing brand for eye shadows and 35B is among my top 3 favorite palettes. I religiously use this one but unfortunately can’t recommend it anymore because it is not available anymore.

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