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Top 7 Affordable Clothing Brands for Women in Pakistan

Having a lot of clothes in your wardrobe still cannot be enough if some occasion pops up in your daily life. It is always best to have some options available if it comes to that. Women have different clothes for almost every occasion and event, and sometimes buying all these clothes can be very costly.

But don’t worry, we have the solution for you right here. We have collected a list of the Top 7 Affordable Clothing Brands for Women in Pakistan. You should really try these women’s clothing brands if you want to update your wardrobe from time to time.

So, let’s take a look at these brands:


You must be surprised to see Khaadi on this list, but in fact, this brand has become very affordable. Their collection of clothes is now for people who have different kinds of spending budgets. For women they have a lot of variety in styles and fabric, and also have a lot of branches all over Pakistan, especially in cities like Lahore and Islamabad. Their unstitched clothes start around Rs 1900, which is pretty reasonable these days.

Orient Textiles

Orient Textiles is the second brand on our list of affordable brands. For lawn fabric, this brand is top-notch and most reliable. If you want to wear classy designs, work-appropriate prints then this brand is a great pick for you. You can find a mix of contemporary and traditional colours and designs in their clothes. You can find an article from this brand for as low as Rs 1000 which makes it one of the most affordable brands in Pakistan.


Origins is one of the most affordable brands for women right now in Pakistan. There is no compromise on designs and prints and they have a lot of variety available for women. Their ready to wear line is amazing and you will fall in love with it easily. Their prices start from 2850 per suit, which might sound expensive but considering the quality they are offering is very affordable.


Saya is a brand that has become really popular in recent years among women and even among men. This brand has a large collection of women’s clothes. Clothes from this brand will cost you as low as Rs 1500. Also, they have a lot of great discounts on their clothing line which makes it more affordable.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz It is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan at the moment. They have multiple outlets all around Pakistan for women’s clothing. Both unstitched and readymade collections are available here. Their prices start from 1600 which is affordable for most women.


Sifona is also one of the most affordable brands for women’s clothing. They offer luxurious collections for formal wear. They also have a lot of variety available in lawn pret wear. The prices for their pret wear collection start from Rs 1500 which is really affordable.

Gul Ahmed

There was a time when in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed was considered as one of the brands with high prices. Although they have lowered their prices as time passed, they have not made any compromise on their quality and style variability. A pretwear or unstitched suit is available for as low as Rs 1100.

So that was our list for today. We hope these brands will help you stock your closet or wardrobe with an amazing collection of clothes for surprise occasions. Do comment and let us know your favourite brand for women in Pakistan.

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