Victoria Beckham Refutes Employee’s Claims of Health Negligence

A former pattern cutter is suing Beckham for £75,000 as she developed carpal tunnel syndrome

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Fashion tycoon Victoria Beckham has dismissed the allegations of a former employee who has sued her fashion label Victoria Beckham Ltd, for healthcare negligence. A former pattern cutter, Kristina Kubiliene, claims she developed carpal tunnel syndrome after working 15 hours, seven days a week at the company, for which she has filed £75,000 suit.

“She was a pattern cutter and very good at this job, but because she was good she was tasked with working for long periods and with heavy fabrics,” said Kristina’s lawyer Natasha Moyeed.

“Normally she worked 10 am to 6 pm, but twice a year for two weeks she attended New York Fashion Week. For a month beforehand her workload increased to up to 15 hours a day, seven days a week, without regular breaks or rest. During these times her hands and wrists were so sore she needed painkillers to work,” the industrial diseases attorney added.

However, Victoria Beckham who possesses a family wealth of £335million has refuted the claims stating that Kristina failed to ask for help in lifting fabric rolls which weighed up to 15kg.

In her response filed against the lawsuit, the former Spice Girl has argued that “medical reports detailing Ms Kubiliene’s condition showed that her hands began to swell two years before she started working for her company,” reported Daily Mail.

the authorAisha Arshad