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250 days down, Punjab Nahi Jaungi still goes strong!

The magic does not end


Released last year in September, Punjab Nahi Jaungi became one of the most loved and enjoyed movies of Pakistan, nationally as well as internationally. Just a few days more and the mega hit movie will be celebrating its 250 successful days in the industry and still going strong! If you don’t believe, check out cinemas in across Punjab because it’s still running there.

mehwish hayat and humayun saeed

If there is one movie that gave all the romantic-comedies a run for their money in Pakistan, it definitely is Punjab Nahi Jaungi without s ingle doubt.  Punjab Nahi Jaungi was an amazing success for the Pakistani film industry, with Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat as the lead role, the movie won hearts upon its first release with its cast, music and those ‘hit’ dialogues. I bet that ‘help me durdana!’ meme is still fresh within all of our minds, isn’t?

Punjab Nahi Jaungi surely deserved the success it has so rightfully earned, with the cast delivering an outstanding performance on screen, it was clear that the director chose the right actors that would fit perfectly for the role. Both the actors, Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat looked absolutely dazzling onscreen and it was no less than mesmerizing to watch their fun-filled chemistry on screen.

250 days down the lane and still going strong, Punjab Nahi Jaungi is surely a PAISA VASUL film by  Nadeem Baig, one that you ought to watch!

And well since this post has made us so nostalgic, lets get some popcorn cookin’ cuz’ we watchin PUNJAB NAHI JAUNGI tonight again! Oh, because we live in Punjab, where the films still running.

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