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7 Din Mohabbat In; The power of good story telling

Mahira Khan, wanted to do this kind of role for a long time. Lets just say it has been worth the wait. Her effort in being effortlessly naïve and super dreamy wouldn’t go notice, much like the film itself. The pair of Meenu and Farjad, have delivered the perfect feel good film for Eid.

7 Din Mohabbat In (7DMI) is a tale or rather a fairy-tale of Tipu (Shehreyar Munawar). Tipu is gullible, he is meek, but a good man. He’ll be touching 30 soon but has yet to be in a relationship with a girl. Hina Dilpazeer is his authoritarian mom, who tells him when to sit and what to eat. W/o telling us the backstory, the story teller tell us part of reason why Tipu is the way he is. And there is Neeli, cousin of Tipu residing in the same home. She is in love with Tipu but the evil, Khala has promised her to be Nasir Kankatta’s (Aamir Qureshi) 3rd wife. Ever the fearsome, Kankatta has Tipu in a fix.

Enter a local magician. Tipu, gets a lamp (chirag), and we meet a Djinn, Dwarka Prasad from Dehli (Javed Sheikh). He offers Tipu a deal, find true love in 7 days to become a cool stud or be a slave in his den. Sick living a life of rejection, Tipu takes the deal. In his quest, he asks our Ghazala (Amna Illyas), a women right’s activist. Their storyline does feel a bit rushed but one can let it go because overall the film is paced very well. We all meet Princess Sonu (Mira Sethi). This exchange makes Tipu realize what he wants from his life. Both characters could have gone wrong horribly, but Fasih Bari Khan does not falter to lazy stereotyping. While the characters are not new, they way they have been presented to us is pretty novel.

As our Tipu, transforms from falooda to folaad, we see Dwarka Prasad try create obstacle hurdles. Will love conquer or as Dwarka says in the trailer, ‘Sacha pyar jaise koi chez nahe hoti’? Head to your closest cinema to find out.

You will leave the cinema pleased and smiling. Smiling because of the various clever dialogues written for almost all of the cast. Pleased because the VFX application is top drawer. The acting performances venture from great (Javed Sheikh and Mahira Khan) to very good (all of them). Two of songs are pretty good, plus use of sound mixing has added a lot more to the film. It’s a film very high on entertainment even if at times the motivations of the characters are unclear a bit

From the writer to the director to the actors, everyone is on their A game. This film had the potential to become a bit comical w/o intention. Lazy writing or story telling would have made it a terrible film or if the VFX was not used well done. The characters could have been cheesy and crass. Instead they are cute and funny. The jokes had the potential to stereotypical but they are witty. Our hero could have been a desperate loner but he comes across as respectable and loving. Our heroine could have been depressed and suicidal but she is chirpy and happy go lucky. In short it’s a very good film. The world they have created is beautiful, emotional and funny.

I’d end by improvising on Neeli’s signature dialogue.

“Haaey Allah itne pyari film”


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