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Brad Pitt reveals he was ‘forced’ to be part of ‘Troy’

Who doesn’t remember the 2004’s epic Troy, featuring Brad Pitt as the Greek hero Achilles in the big-budget, all-star movie, which also starred Eric Bana, Diane Kruger, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Rose Byrne, and the late Peter O’Toole.

However, Hollywood’s one of the most sought-after stars now admits that that making the sword and sandals epic Troy made him reassess his acting career. Pitt also reveals that the was forced to be part of this flick.

“I had to do Troy because — I guess I can say all this now — I pulled out of another movie and then had to do something for the studio. So I was put in Troy,” he said to The New York Times.

“It wasn’t painful, but I realized that the way the movie was being told was not how I wanted it to be. I made my own mistakes in it,” he added.

“What am I trying to say about Troy? I could not get out of the middle of the frame. It was driving me crazy. I’d become spoiled working with David Fincher. It’s no slight on Wolfgang Petersen. Das Boot is one of the all-time great films. But somewhere in it, Troy became a commercial kind of thing. Every shot was like, Here’s the hero! There was no mystery. So about that time, I made a decision that I was only going to invest in quality stories, for lack of a better term. It was a distinct shift that led to the next decade of films”, he went on to say.

The 55-years-old star also admits that he did not like his performance in the Terry Gilliam movie 12 Monkeys, despite it earned him an Oscar nomination.

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