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Cake Prologue Episode 3 Review: The art of relationships

Keeping with the theme of women being decision makers, Zara stands her ground


The hardest thing is not knowing if you want to walk away or try harder. One of them cheesy lines shared a lot on social media. But even if it’s cheesy, it isn’t always false. This is what Cake’s webisode 3 talks about. Adnan wants to work on the relationship, Zara is perhaps past that stage.

The way Adnan sees the fix, is to start a family, have a baby. Zara is mentally at a completely different stage. The idea of Adnan, kind off pushes Zara of the edge. A break, is suggested it. The body language and the speed at which the idea is discussed it does seem that there is something in the relationship. There is no sense of all out war. There isn’t when you have feelings for the other person. But eventually, the sense of entanglement, forces you to break free. Keeping with the theme of women being decision makers, Zara makes that call.

Cake Prologue Episode 2 Indicates What Went Wrong With Zara and Adnan

The relationship can go either way now. The film told us that they had decided to end the marriage. Was it the final decision? Can there still be a chance for Zara and Adnan?




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