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Cake Webisode Part 5: Is there hope?

Cake webisodes end at an intriguing point


Its recap of sorts. Is she missing his love, his affection, his companionship? Or is it just a flashback? The song “Stay Here In The Sun” by TĀLĀ featuring Naughty Boy is quite catchy. But what is going on? Well, we will never know. Not until they make another film or more webisodes.

Zara is once again the centre of this universe. It’s her emotions and memories which are being portrayed. Is she reflecting back on her decision? Are those memories too hard to bear? Or to put it simply, will she call Adnan back? The webisode ends at an intriguing point. The ‘palat’ scene used by a few Indian films, is played out here. But it feels different, it is definitely different.

Cake Prologue 2 Indicates What Went Wrong With Zara and Adnan

It’s been a pleasure viewing and writing about these webisodes. They may not have got the accolades the film got but their quality as a viewer is on the same level if not better. It’s more of a modern urban story, one which we struggle with. The relationships and the complications all are very real. I end this series with, a massive heartfelt Thank you to Mr Asim Abbasi. You are a champion!

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