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Feud Between Cast of Fast and Furious Escalates After Release of Hobbs and Shaw

The spin-off of Fast and Furious is being dubbed as 'breaking the family' by the cast members


Earlier in 2017 when Hobbs and Shaw, a spin-off of the highly successful Fast n Furious series, was announced, cast members did not take it well. Tyrese Gibson went as far as claiming Dwayne Johnson broke the fast family and attempted to fly solo (a violation of Fast family law).

Gibson also blamed Dwayne and co for the delay in Fast and Furios 9 release, and announced his disassociation from the movie in case Johnson joins the cast.

The fued escalated and there were apparent two segments in the Fast family, one who supported Dwayne the Rock and the other consisted of supporters of Vin Diesel. The two, although never came out in public, are said to have a strained relationship.

A while later, an ‘associate’ of Johnson approach Gibson to pacify the situation, and the actor stepped back a little.

While the feud may have seemed to die down, it was after Hobbs and Shaw release recently, that Gibson once again threw shade at the spin-off and its main leads Johnson and Jason Statham.

Taking it to Instagram, Gibson wrote in a now deleted post that he would respect Johson for “trying”, however sad to see that nothing big happened.

“Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does,” wrote Gibson as he took a jibe at Hobbs and Shaw’s meager opening of $170 million against billion dollar openings of last two Fast movies.

However after some suspected involvement from Universal, that actually approved the spin-off to expand the Fast franchise, Gibson took down his posts.

Additionally, writer Chris Morghan too denied the rumors of a feud between Johnson and Diesel, despite Johnson’s absence from the upcoming Fast and Furious 9.

But from what it seems, there’s an evident fire for the smoke it’s causing.

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