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Film In Review: Badhaai Ho delivers spot on entertainment!

This isn't your Hindi masala movie but it certainly makes you laugh


The latest Bollywood offering, Badhaai Ho, delivers bang on! Perfect comic timings, nailed expressions, a tight script and punches which leave you in fits of laughter, the Ayushmann Khurana and Neena Gupta starrer is a hit with a capital H!

Although a situational comedy that addresses a bizare situation, Badhaai Ho brings to the forefront a number of progressive thoughts. The film has the ability to make you laugh and cry in the end with its beautiful ending. In short, this simple film will make you fall in love.

A middle-aged couple Priyamvada Kaushik (Neena Gupta) and Jeetender Kaushik (Gajraj Rao) get pregnant unexpectedly. Their sons Nakul (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Gullar (Shardul Rana) harbor animosity towards their parents as they try to cope with the situation that they are in. The family becomes a laughing stock in their social circle. What happens next is what you have to see the film for.

Badhaai Ho is funny. It takes liberties but it delivers without going overboard. The film stands out for a number of reasons, one of them being, that romance knows no age and with one’s own wife, its a luxury, all can enjoy. The film tries to explain the phenomena to the youth, who perhaps have preconceived notions about the holiness of their parents, bringing about a realization, that they too are humans.

As a youngster you might cringe at the romance between Mr and Mrs. Kaushik but you’ll understand the bond the couple shares. Gajraj Rao as Jeetender Kaushik is simply outstanding as Jeetu. Neena Gupta commendable. Ayushmann Khuranna is on a hit spree and the film marks his 4th hit in a row. Sanya Malhotra too, performs with ease, delivering what is expected of her character.

Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma  has extracted excellent performances from his lead cast. The spotlight is on Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta and the excel. Ayushmann Khuranna is in top form. The film’s background score is engaging and the music deserves a special mention. You have catchy songs in “Badhaiyaan Tenu”, “Nain Na Jodeen” and also ‘Sajan Bade Senti’ are amazing. In short, you have a winner of a movie in Badhai Hoo; a film that delivers well without going overboard.

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