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Film In Review: Helicopter Eela is beautiful!

Once a woman becomes a mother, she rarely has time to be anything else. From morning to evening, a mother is obsessed with her children; whether they eat on time, sleep on time, bathe on time and what not. A mother’s countless worries know no bounds. She forgets being the person she is, only for the sake of her child. Hobbies, passions, career, all take a backseat for a woman who is a mother.

Such is our Eela. She is a passionate singer, with a voice of gold. She’s loved by the industry and termed the next big sensation. When a music video goes wrong for Eela, she gets married to her boyfriend. Nope, there are no regrets there. Eela loves Arun (Tota Roy) and their marriage is a happy one. Together they have a child Vivan. After a sudden death of a relative, Arun has a realization that he might not live for long and he vanishes from the frame. What happens to Arun is a mystery you’ll need to watch the film to find out. But after Arun, Eela is left to bring up Vivan herself. She’s a mother who is completely obsessed with her kid. A single parent, most mother will be able to relate to Eela but its Vivan who cannot. He feels suffocated when Eela joins his college to complete her education or helicopter over him.

Helicopter Eela is a beautiful story of a mother-son bonding. Its a film for women who think the world of their children; its a film for those women who leave everything to be with their kids. Is it right to be there for your child’s every moment? Is it wrong to leave your own passions for your children only to make them feel suffocated by your presence? Why do children feel this way? Helicopter Eela answers this and much more.

Kajol and Ridhi Sen, together take Helicopter Eela to success. Although Ridhi Sen is great in his role as Vivan, it is Kajol who dominates every frame. Be it a single mother or an aspiring singer, Kajol is not only gorgeous, she’s absolutely amazing. Pradeep Sarkar has ensured his film is light on its feet and high with its flight. Helicopter Eela delivers a strong message but its presented ever so subtly that the onlookers enjoy whats going on screen.

The film’s soundtrack, although with little recall value, is beautiful. The film feels like a musical because you get a feel of the good old 90s music with Baba Sehgal making an appearance and rocking you. Our very own writer, Asma Nabeel, of Khaani fame, has penned down a beautiful song for this film. Tu Gaya Tu is an amazing track from Helicopter Eela along with the Yaadon Ki Almari, which you will get to hear a lot in the course of the movie.

And so, go on and watch this beautiful film this weekend. Helicopter Eela will make you mushy so make sure you carry a couple of handkerchiefs with you.

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