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First Look of Batmobile is Revealed and It’s Super Cool!

Robert Pattinson has taken up the task to fight the world evil with his latest avatar of DC superhero Batman. Now while we may already go gaga over his Batman-ness, there are definitely a few accessories required to give him the full feel of the superhero – one of the most important ones is a batmobile.

Director of the upcoming flick Matt Reeves has finally revealed the look of the new batmobile in which Pattinson will be making his way into the DC world. And can we say it, it’s SUPER COOL.

A unique fusion of vintage style car with the ultra-modern technology, the black colored batmobile with somewhat ‘bat-like’ tail lights looks quite promising of a Batman gear. Standing next to it is Robert in the batsuit which Reeves earlier revealed on his social media.

So who’s getting more excited to see the new Batman with a new look and of course the newest batmobile? We are surely amped up!

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