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The inevitable; Cake Prologue Episode 4 Review

Zara and Adnan, part ways


Sometimes it is easy. Because both of you know that it is time. Relationships perhaps come by with an expiry date. And no matter how hard we try, there is no getting past that time. So, when Zara says everything doesn’t have to last, she is saying her truth. And when Adnan, gets it done officially, it is his comfort zone where he knows things are black and white.

It’s fitting that this relationship didn’t end because of external factors. It was about two people, who were unwilling to compromise on things they wanted from their lives. It’s the simplicity of life and the unbending nature of Zara, which makes it fascinating. The woman, who is reluctant to start a family, is unheard of in a Pakistani context. May be Cake is an alien story after all. May be we don’t get to hear about such individuals in our lives and director wants to tell us that such individuals exists.

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Whatever the thought process behind it, the story telling is wonderful.


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