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Kesari trailer review: Akshay Kumar embraces confused nationalism in his new jingoistic endeavor

Akshay opts for another nationalistic film


It was perhaps fitting that Kesari’s released in a week when Cobrapost exposed 36 bollywood celebrities, who are willing to sell themselves out for monetary gain. By the look of the trailer, Akshay Kumar embraces confused nationalism in his new nationalistic endeavor. The actor who holds honorary Canadian citizenship has been working towards a political career, doing one ‘nationalistic’ movie after another. Kesari, looks to be part of that larger scheme.

At the start of trailer, Havildar Ishar Singh recounts a taunt from a firangi. You are a slave; India gives birth to cowards said the gora. Havildar Ishar Singh, now wants to fight a battle against Phuktoon for the Queen’s army to prove that Indian men have valor. To earn the respect of the whites, by dying in battle for them. It is a hard sell, so Askhay amps up things. The trailer tells us that he has no problem in building mosques. He is secular that way. But the enemies want to ridicule his army’s religion (21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh regiment).

Obviously there is little regard for history here. That is not the purpose of the film. According to some accounts, these undoubtedly brave men fought with valor and courage in defending their ground. The 10000 strong opposing army lost an estimated 180 men. Yet in this film, Askhay kills more with a single shot of his gun.

There is thumping sounds, overt religiosity and moving music to go with it. VFX work look a little worse off than the shoddy work we saw with Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. We also have a token role for Parineeti Chopra. Perhaps they just couldn’t find a place for customary feminist scene in the trailer.

It will however make a money, I think. The mood India is in, baying for blood, cinema will serve that purpose one hopes. Because the consequences in the real world would be catastrophically tragic.


the authorAsjad Khan