Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery to be made into a film

Kim was threatened with a gun and tied during Fashion Week Oct 2016

Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery to be Made into a Film

The famous Paris gem heist in which Kim Kardashian was threatened by a gun, tied up and robbed of jewelry worth some nine million euros is going to be made into a film. The producer has shared on Thursday that “Fashion Week” will be adapted from a 130-page graphic novel that cult French writer and director Joann Sfar has written but it has yet to be published.

The American reality TV star Kim Kardashian was threatened with a gun, tied up and gagged in the bathroom of a luxury residence in the French capital where she was staying during fashion week in October 2016. It is considered the biggest heist of an individual in Paris in two decades. Eleven people were charged in the connection for robbery so far. Despite arresting well known French gangsters only one piece of Jewellery is recovered so far from a total of 9 million euros ($10.6 million) worth of jewelry was robbed. A team of five robbers who forced their way into Kardashian’s apartment dropped a diamond-encrusted cross worth 30,000 euros.

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Sfar the famous graphic novelist admits, “liberally based on the raid on Kim Kardashian”. He further added, “It is going to be a popular comedy inspired by the real events… about the dying days of the patriarchy. The ‘Museum of the Man’, to put it briefly.”

According to the producers that the film is co-written by “Moloch” screenwriter Marion Festraets, and also that the film has been in development since the starting of the year and talks were going on with distributors.

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