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‘Kooch Na Karin’ from Load Wedding features a love-struck Fahad Mustafa

Just close to the release, the makers of Load Wedding release another song, ‘Kooch Na Karin’ from the film, making us even more impatient and excited than before. Load Wedding so far has all the right elements it seems.

‘Kooch Na Karin’ is beautifully sung by Azhar Abbas with lyrics penned by the very talented Haleem Jalandhari. The video features a love-struck hero following the girl of his dreams everywhere she goes.


Fahad does justice to his character and Mehwish looks stunning as a small town girl. The song is all about emotions and how you cannot stay away from the one you truly love!

Their expressions do all the talking and the lyrics of the song translate the emotions. It’s an audio visual treat because  it’s culturally rich and rooted.

Watch the song below:


But have we heard a similar track before? Oh yes we have! Remember Nabeel Shaukat’s ‘Kooch’?


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