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Load Wedding’s first song, Rangeya, hits right in the feels!

The first song from the upcoming Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat starrer, Load Wedding, just dropped and we’re proud to say, its one amazing track. Rangeya is not only beautiful, but its a soothing compilation of mellifluous vocals, mesmerizing music and meaningful lyrics.

Picturized on the leading duo, Fahad and Mehwish, Rangeya features the subtle romance between the two, the kind of innocent love that speaks of no condition. This track, a classic love ballad, will remind you of old age Yash Raj Films from Bollywood and the love songs they were famous for. Not only are the views exotic but right from the music, to the vocals and the lyrics, each and every thing hits spot on with the song

The Pakistani music industry has definitely found an award winner singer in Mulazim Hussain. Missal Zaidi matches his tone for every note and both of them together weave magic on Shani Arshad’s tunes. In short, perfection!


While Bollywood turns to make renditions of one Pakistani song after another, here we are, an industry en route its revival, producing songs that touch the soul. Pakistan has truly been blessed when it comes to creativity, films, music, songs, we’ve got everything running beautifully for us (if you ignore a few).

And as for Rangeya, the song has received about 30k views in just five hours of it being live. Isn’t it a hit already?

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