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Motorcycle Girl’s second song Pahiya is realistic and inspirational!

Faiza Mujahid's powerful vocals and Xulfi's music arrangement is a winner!


The Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl is the current talk of the town. The film releases on April 20th but before that, we’re being gradually treated with the film’s exceptional music.

We say exceptional because the two tracks released from the film up till now are both amazing. Urr Chalay talks about freedom of spirit and now Pahiya, is one realistic and highly inspirational song.

Urr Chalay from the Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl will win you over!

Faiza Mujahid’s powerful vocals are extremely in sync, not only with the music but also the theme of the film and the situation it has been picturized upon. Sohai learns to ride the bike, shunning stereotypes and showing the world what she’s got. She starts small and makes it to the top, just like the way the song starts comfortably and then ascends to higher, more beautiful notes.

One simple video, and so many subjects that it covers. Pahiya is an intelligently shot, written, composed and sung song, one that’ll absolutely inspire you to take on life’s challenges bang on!

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