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New York’s Bronx Neighborhood Filled with Tourists Due to Iconic Joker Scene

A stairway in the Bronx neighborhood of New York has suddenly become a tourist favorite destination as Joaquin Phoenix recently created an iconic scene while walking down the 132 steps after becoming ‘Joker’.


The scene featured in the blockbuster release shows Phoenix dancing on a rock song as he takes up the avatar of Joker after being shunned by society. The film widely popular among the fans is now particularly celebrated for this scene, shot at a real location.

Hundreds of tourists flocked to the location to see the staircase and take photographs. To manage the large crowd, authorities had to form queues and allow only a handful of people at a time on the stairs.

“It looks even better than in the film,” said a woman from Miami who was disappointed to see the place cramped up with tourists.

“I love when directors shoot in real places. Usually, they film in studios like Warner Brothers but this is a real place. We can come and we can touch the floor,” she added.

Another French teenager was also at the location to take photographs. “I’ve been a huge fan of Batman since I was small and I’m really happy to come here.”

The residents of the neighborhood, located quite far from the main tourist spots of New York seen a little uncomfortable with the sudden surge in tourists. However, some are happy to get attention in the area.

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