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Hajra Yamin starrer, Pinky Memsaab is now available on Netflix

Pakistani cinema, ever since its revival, has brought about some amazing films. And the Hajra Yamin, Kiran Malik starrer Pinky Memsaab is no exception. The film, with its potent story line brings across a very unique story that revolves around a Pakistani maid Pinky, who travels to Dubai for work and goes through a life changing experience working for her “memsaab” played by Kiran Malik. Pinky Memsaab is the story of individual journeys and struggles of Pinky and her memsaab and what consequences they face, as a result of their personal struggles.

Pinky Memsaab released in December 2018 and opened to good reviews by the audience and critics both. However, with its different genre, the film, did not make much on the box office and was put away soon. But in case, you wanted to see it, the amazing film is now available on Netflix.

Joining a adequate list of Pakistani films available on the streaming giant, Pinky Memsaab will now be available throughout the world on Netflix. Earlier available Pakistani films on Netflix include, Janaan, Balu Mahi, Rangreza, Waar and Chalay Thay Saath amongst others.

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