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Sajna Door from Teefa In Trouble is a mesmerizing track!

Have you ever fallen short of explaining the beauty of something? Well, if you haven’t ever, give this song a listen. Sajna Door from Teefa In Trouble is an absolutely mesmerizing track. Right from the music arrangement to Ali Zafar and Aima Baig’s vocals, to the lyrics, this song is a complete winner.

Close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful track, it’ll take you in a trance, soothing away troubles. Ali Zafar and Aima Baig create a mellifluous duet with Sajna Door. Featuring Zafar and Maya Ali, the video speaks of high production values and great cinematography.

Teefa In Trouble looks like a complete package, a film with comedy, action, romance and some great music. A blockbuster for sure!

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