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Sanson Main Baki Hai Dum from Sherdil will fuel your fire of patriotism!

Mustafa Zahid's vocals bring the energy to deliver the kick!


So we have the second song from the upcoming film Sherdil, Sanson Main Baki Hai Dum and we have to say, this one will certainly fuel your patriotism, awakening the passion inside you. The song, aptly timed and hitting right in the feels make you marvel at the bravery of the Pakistani Air Force soldiers and how they fly with their lives on stake for their homeland. The lyrics and Mustafa Zahid’s powerful vocals work their magic aptly, giving you goosebumps and giving you the courage to look the enemy right in the eye.

After the current scenario in the country and Sherdil releasing on a very apt time, we’re certain, this song and the film will definitely result in a number of new recruits in PAF.

You get to see the majestic JF 17 Thunders whizzing in the sky in all their might. And although we know Sherdil is a film, but knowing it takes inspiration from Pakistan Air Force, one cannot help but feel proud of what we have. And the song, Sanson Main Baki Hai Dum playing in the background just adds fuel to the fire burning inside Pakistanis already.

Being the patriotic souls that we are, we love Sanson Main Baki Hai Dum.

Watch the song here and let us know what you think;

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