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“Before Teefa the only Pakistani films that did big business were all Eid releases,” Ali Zafar

Teefa In Trouble has crossed over Rs 50 crore mark worldwide


Although there have been a number of films from Pakistan to cross the Rs 50 crore mark on the box office, rightfully so, only Teefa In Trouble has managed to do it without being an Eid release. Maintaining its high flight ever since its release last year, Teefa In Trouble has now gone on to become the biggest non-Eid release of the Pakistani cinema.

What is exciting about Teefa In Trouble is the fact that the film has been running in cinemas for about 7 months since its release. And even if the ban of Indian films, might have a little to contribute to Teefa’s success, post its re-release, the film, itself, was a major hit when it was released for the first time in cinemas across Pakistan and the world over.

Taking to Twitter, Ali Zafar shared a message of gratitude for his team of Teefa In Trouble.

“Before the only Pakistani films that did big business were all Eid releases. So proud & deeply humbled the risk paid off making the first non Eid holiday film to cross the 50crore. This,I believe,was important for the industry & a trend more should follow, ” wrote Ali on his Twitter.

We agree 100 percent with the Channo singer that a trend should start where we have our major films releasing other than Eid. Yes, the Eid footfall is great and it benefits a film hugely, however, our makers should be confident about their product to release it on a regular weekend and make it work, like Teefa In Trouble, a trendsetter for a number of firsts in Pakistan, did.

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