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Scooby Doo spinoff sparks a debate on brown representation

Velma becomes the lowest-rated animated series in history on IMDb

Scooby Doo spinoff has sparked a debate on brown representation!

The animated series Velma, written by Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy, dropped on HBO max on January 12 and following only four episodes, Velma has been declared the worst-rated series on IMDb with a 1.3 rating.

Velma Brown became one of the root causes that sparked a debate on brown representation, and netizens are of the view that it’s the character’s self-hating personality that’s truly unappealing.

Kaling has become the target to bear brunt of the hate, for portraying a negative stereotype of brown-skinned people.

While the series is also accused of making a point to offend with graphic material as well.

Here is how Twitter reacts to Velma:





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