Hijama expert, Mohammad Usman Ghani talks about effectiveness of alternative treatment

Hijama is an ancient treatment and alternative therapy


Certified hypnotherapist and Hijama (cupping therapy) expert, Mohammad Usman Ghani has been in the field of Hijama since 2008. He learnt the therapy techniques from his teacher Doctor Siddiqui and has been actively practising Hijama in his own clinic since 2011.

Talking to Oye Yeah, Mohammad Usman Ghani made it easy for an individual to understand the science behind Hijama and how it could prove to be beneficial for all.

Explaining Hijama to the layman, Mohammad Usman Ghani said, “Hijama is an ancient treatment and alternative therapy. With respect to Islamic history, the Last Prophet of Allah, Mohammad (S.A.W) personally opted for Hijama and preached its benefits to his companions as well.”

Adding further, the therapist said, “From a medical point of view, Hijama focuses on removing de-oxygenated blood from our body and detoxifies it. Lymphatic circulation takes out de-oxygenated blood from the body and cures the body of a number of diseases. A Hadith has it that performing Hijama between the shoulder blades can cure about 70 different types of diseases from a human body.”

We’ve seen an increasing inclination towards Hijama, especially in the sports community. Even international sportsmen have been seen opting for cupping therapies. Explaining the benefits this alternative treatment has for sportsmen, Mohammad Usman Ghani shared, “Sports injuries are different pertaining to the type of sports. Stiffness in the body can be cured with Hijama. The media highlighted Micheal Phelps opting for cupping therapy lately but even before that, we have had swimmers and other sportsmen relying on Hijama as a form of effective treatment. Our own cricketers, namely Umer Akmal and Shahid Khan Afridi have preferred Hijama a number of times.”

“The inclination towards Hijama has been increasing in Muslim countries, mostly because its the sunnat of the Last Prophet. If you look at the stats, Pakistan is one of major countries where Hijama is considered the best choice for alternative treatment.  Hijama is as effective for women as it is for men. PCOS leading to infertility, thyroid issues, hormonal issues in woman can all be cured with Hijama and that too very effectively,” stated Mohammad Usman Ghani.

Talking about the importance of Hijama as per Islamic history, and values, Ghani added, “The 17th, 19th and 21st of the lunar calendar are ideal to detoxify the body of de-oxygenated blood, as a Hadith goes. our body is connect to the lunar calendar and when we focus on detoxifying our body of the deoxygenated blood on the dates mentioned above, it will make us feel better, not only physically but internally and emotionally as well.”

Adding further, the expert stated, “Hijama is effective for children and adults of all age groups. However a person’s physical condition is always judged before he/she undergoes Hijama. There’s absolutely no pain involved but only a little pressure that comes from the cups. ”

Hijama is medically approved. According to a research the blood that comes out after a Hijama treatment is laced with diseases and rids the body of majority of issues. Hijama has now spread all parts of the world including UK, Canada, USA and others. In fact there are Hijama centres around the world which use not only plastic cups but leeches as a way of extracting the de-oxygenated blood out of the body with amazing benefits, as promised by the Quran and Ahadis for all Muslims and people.


the authorIfrah Salman