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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-10 Review: Shameela tries to vilify Rida’s character

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial based on sibling’s love is one of the best serials in the running. Neelum Munir is very beautifully playing the role of a very adorable girl Rida who is not familiar with envy and jealousy who only knows how to love and care about others but she gets shocked to see that her own sister in law envy her and she is trying to vilify her character.

The episode begins when Shameela catches Rida talking on phone with Rida discussing Zeeshan, she starts taunting her, vilifying her character, saying that she knows the art of making men fall for her, Rida gets so disturbed that she starts crying and when Fahaam asks her that why she is crying, Rida tells her brother that Shameela is vilifying her character on which he gets mad on Shameeela, and she clearly tells her to get out of the house, she also misbehaves with Fahaam and a big scene is created. Rida’s mother gets so disturbed that she gets fainted when her BP shoots up.


Fahaam is not ready to accept any rubbish about Rida’s character. He is really very mad on Shameela, he very rudely talks with her mother and despite of Shameela apologizing he coldly asks Rida to take care of her mother. The Police Officer to whom Fahaam has given him the task to find the person who is sending inappropriate messages about Rida, has called him and says that the person has been arrested. Fahaam goes and checks him it was his old employee or partner who is taking revenge because Fahaam has once made him arrested by the police for drug dealing.


Shameela has although apologized but she is not going any slower. When her mother comes to meet her and scolds her for her conduct. She starts spewing venom against her mother in law and Rida. Her mother is trying hard to make her understand that she should stop this scheming and plotting and she should try to win their hearts with love but she says that her khala and Rida won’t let her rule the house all these conversations Rida’s mother is hearing and she suddenly comes and interrupts Rida by saying that she wants keys of the house she will get that. Shameela’s mother is really angry with Shameela she says that she will never forgive her.


Zeeshan is very worried he is sensing that Rida’s family is not ready to accept his proposal, he also visits Rida’s mother at the hospital. Later Zeeshan’s mother calls at landline number to talk with Rida’s mother when Shameela receives the call and she gives her Rida’s number. Rida is so annoyed that why she has given her number, Rida’s mother tells her to ignore her calls. Zeeshan’s mother visits Rida’s home with her bhabi and they insist on the proposal when Rida’s mother tells them that his brothers are not agreeing. Rida’s mother asks her to give her some time for considering this proposal.

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