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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-11 Review: Rida’s family accepts Zeeshan’s proposal

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial which is beautifully depicting the sibling love and bond is one of the best serials in the running. The story moves around a simple and sweet girl Rida whose character is being vilified by her own sister in law and also there is a loafer who is a family relative saying that he will be going to ruin her reputation and he will not let her marry. In this episode, Rida’s mother accepts Zeeshan’s proposal.

Fahaam eventually meets the person at Police Station who is sending inappropriate messages about Rida to the family members. He used to work with Fahaam in his factory and Faham has made him arrested as he was involved in drug dealing and also that he has sent a proposal for Rida which was refused by them. Fahaam is shocked to learn that the person he always has done so good to is after defaming his own sister. He shamelessly and fearlessly says in front of Police Officer to Fahaam that he will ruin Rida’s reputation and will never let her marry anywhere else. Fahaam warns him to stay in his limits otherwise he will kill him.


Rida passes her examination with flying colors, his brother celebrates her success and Shameela cannot digest her happiness. Rushna comes to meet her and there Shameela uses Rida’s mobile phone and sends miscalls to Zeeshan who in return sends her a voice note congratulating her on her success as he has heard Hatim talking with Rida about her result. Shameela shows that voice note to Rida’s mother and tells her that it is not appropriate for her to do that. Rida’s mother has understood that its Shameela’s plotting and now she is really worried about Rida.


Rida’s mother discusses with her sons that she is thinking to marry off Rida with Zeeshan as they are asking her with so much love and she really like the family. Faham and brothers oppose this idea but then second time Rida’s mother as she is too hurt and scared of Shameela’s attempts of vilifying Rida’s character says that she decides that she will accept Zeeshan’s proposal as soon as possible and she shared this news to her sons. Fahaam although he is not agreeing shows great support to his mother. He do not discuss this with his wife.


Fahaam and Rida’s mother visits Zeeshan’s house and there they meet Zeeshan’s Mumaami and Mamu. Fahaam knows Zeeshan’s Mammu as he is Fahaam’s business partner and they are both delighted to see each other. It seems that Fahaam is now satisfied to know that he is his Mamu as he knows him very well. Rida and Zeeshan’s marriage is fixed and the families will soon decide the date. Well, Rida gets shocked when he comes to know that her mother has fixed her wedding in such haste as she has made up her mind to study further but her mother tells her that it is better to get married with respect.

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