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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-12 Review: Shameela is spoiling Rida’s happiness!

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial based on sibling’s love is one of the best drama serials in the running. Neelum Munir is very beautifully playing the role of a very simple and loving girl Rida who is envied by her own sister in law Shameela. In this episode, Rida’s wedding preparations are going but she is literally heartbroken by her bhabi’s behavior.

Rida’s mother advises her not to be like Shameela and always love and respect Zeeshan’s mother. Rida is very disturbed and sad to realize that she will have to live without her mother and brothers but her mother says that when she will get Zeeshan’s love she will going to forget everything. Rida tries to call Zeeshan to stop him for marriage but she gets stuck with his very sweet and romantic talk and she lost her heart to him.


Shameela is burning with jealousy when she comes to know that Fahaam is going to give Rida a good amount of dowry. She calls her mother and starts spitting venom about her very own khala saying bad stuff about her calling her hypocrite that she refused to take any dowry from her family but now she is giving dowry to her own daughter. Rida listens to all this conversation and stops Rida for saying such bad stuff about her mother. Shameela gets worried that Rida might create a drama and she will get in trouble.


Rida is so heartbroken to hear her bhabi’s views, she starts crying. Fahaam sees her crying and asks her what is the matter but she does not tell him anything and on top of that Shameela comes and tries to cover up the situation that she is crying because she is sad thinking about her Ruksati well in real Shameela is worrying that she might tell everything to Fahaam and her mother and she will get in real trouble so she apologizes Rida for her rude comments and says that she is ashamed of what she has said and asks her not tell anything to Fahaam nor her mother.


Shameela has literally spoiled Rida’s happiness, she is so heartbroken that she is not taking any interest in her wedding shopping even Fahaam has sensed this change in her. Rida is happy as she is in love with Zeeshan but Shameela’s attitude is making her sad but she is wise enough not to share anything with Zeeshan. Zeeshan, on the other hand, is on the 9th cloud to get his love.

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