Kahin Deep Jalay

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-13 Review: Rida and Zeeshan gets married

Shameela misses no chance to spoil Rida's happiness


Kahin Deep Jalay a beautiful drama serial based on a different subject, its on sibling and family love. It is a kind of a play many can relate their lives with, the play moves around a sweet girl Rida who now gets married in this episode and now a new chapter of her life begins. Neelum Munir is very beautifully playing the role.

The episode begins with Rida’s wedding preparation, Shameela is still after Rida, she is envying that why her brothers are spending so much on her wedding. She tries to convince Hatim not to give much to Zeeshan and he somehow seems convinced but then Rida’s mother gets that Shameela is feeding Hatim’s mind. Rida’s mother is resolute that she will give her daughter what she has to no matter what Shameela says and Fahaam too open heartily gives her, he is even said to give Rida her property share.


Rida’s friend Rushna is telling her that life is going to change after marriage, she will have to live according to the wishes of her husband. She tells her how her life has changed and how she has to literally beg her husband to let her attend her wedding. Rida gets a little worried to know that married life going to be that tough but she seems happy.


Zeeshan makes Rida very happy on his Wedding night, he is the most romantic person. He says so many sweet and romantic things to Rida, praises her beauty, tells how much he loves her and how happy he is to have her. Rida has her best wedding night. The next day too Zeeshan is in the same romantic mood. Rida’s Mami tells her that her brothers have come and she excitedly says that she can go to meet her on which Mami says that no she has to come with Zeshan, she innocently says sorry to her and then she tells Zeeshan that she is sorry on which he tells that the word sorry is not made for her and all she needs to do is order him for the whole life.


Shameela and her brothers go to Rida’s house at breakfast and there Shameela does not cease to spit her venom, she taunts that Zeeshan does not have a proper table and dinning room. He tells that it is not his own house, it is his mamoo’s house in his own house they used to have all the stuff. Well, we are wondering why Hatim nor Fahaam has not to mind on Shameela being that rude. Shameela later taunts Rida’s mother that why she married off her only daughter in such a hasty manner that she has not even checked that the people do not have their own house. She says that Rida’s downfall has started and spewing such venom when Rida’s mother slaps her so hard on her face.

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