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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-14 Review: Shameela is adding bitterness in Rida’s married life

Zeeshan gets disturbed on Shameela's remarks

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-14 ReviewIn this episode Shameela is adding bitterness in Rida's married life - OyeYeah NEws

Kahin Deep Jalay one of most interesting drama serial running on Geo Entertainment, it is based on sibling love. It is shown that how a loving and caring girl Rida is envied by her own sister in law and how she is adding bitterness into her married life. The play clearly shows a contrast that how a good person brightens the whole environment and how a negative person creates negativity in the atmosphere.

The episode begins when Rida and Zeeshan have just started their married life. Zeeshan is bit disturbed on what Shameela has said and he is wondering that why Rida’s brothers have accepted for his proposal and he is being in inferiority complex but then his mother snubs him for thinking like that and she tells him that Rida is very innocent and sweet girl he should not think about her like that. Zeeshan gets normal and back to his romantic mood. Rida is feeling like she is the luckiest girl on earth on having such a lovely and romantic husband.


Rida and Zeeshan come at Rida’s house and there once again Shameela starts pouring bitterness into Rida’s life and Zeeshan being an insecure person having complexes easily gets trapped into what Shameela says to him. Well, one wonders why Fahaam is not snubbing her wife? her attitude is at times very insulting, she has passed some really rude remarks Fahaam should have scolded her if not in front of all but afterward when they were alone he should have shown his disgust over her disgusting remarks but he did not say anything to her!


Shameela is getting viler, she is making her khala’s life hell and creating lots of troubles for her. She starts misbehaving with her mother in law on usual basis. The more disturbing fact is that Hatim is too taking her bhabi’s side. Well it makes no sense, Shameela is clearly vile and pathetic and she sounds like she is taunting all the time but still, Hatim takes her side and tells her mother not to be like a typical mom in law. Shameela is also successful in brain washing her mother against her own sister.


Shameela is also successful in adding bitterness into Zeeshan’s life although Rida is doing her best to make him happy and she does whatever he asks him to do. It is because of Shameela’s frequent taunts that she has decided that she will not go to Switzerland on her honeymoon, in fact, they decide to go Murree and Rida is happy with what Zeeshan tells her to do but then Zeeshan is not even going to Murree as he is not well.

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