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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-15 Review: Shameela is spewing her venom everywhere

The drama serial Kahin Deep Jalay running on GEO Entertainment is based on sibling’s love but it is shown that how a single negative person brings negativity all around and how she adds bitterness into others’ lives and can ruin happiness. Similarly, Shameela is spewing her venom everywhere she is trying her best to ruin Rida and little she knows that what goes around has definitely come around whatever she is sowing she has to reap its the universal law.

Rida comes to her brother’s place to return the tickets Fahaam Bhai has given her on which Asim says that she should not return the tickets and it has nothing to do with Zeeshan. Rida snaps Asim for being disrespectful to her husband then Asim starts blaming Hatim for marrying off their beautiful sister to good for nothing husband. Fahaam tries to intervene but the situation gets worse, Rida leaves the place crying, she is really hurt. Shameela is making a video of all this discussion and sends it to Zeeshan.


Rida and Zeeshan finally go on their honeymoon to Murree. They were having beautiful and romantic time there and it just has been two days when Zeeshan’s mother gets a minor foot injury. Zeeshan tells Rida to immediately pack their stuff as they are going back. Rida is obediently following whatever her husband says. Had it been any other girl she would have created a lot of issues for spoiling her honeymoon, just for mother’s minor foot injury. Later Zeeshan visits doctor for checking his own reports, he comes to know that he has fertility issues, he cannot become a father.


Shameela is spreading her negativity everywhere, she has brainwashed her mother against her own sister and now her mother is hating her sister. Rida’s mother’s own house is becoming a hell for her as her own sons are fighting against each other who have never dared to talk with her in a higher tone. Fahaam too is becoming very disturbed to see this all. He is a gem of a person who loves his mother and siblings. He is really disturbed to see his family in that state.

Adding more to it, Shameela has started creating fuss with the housemaid and is trying to through her out, as the maid listens to Shameela taking bad about her inlaws to her mother.


Well, the strange fact is that Fahaam being such a wise and kind heart person cannot clearly see that his wife is being too loud and unreasonable at times. Asim has never talked with Fahaam like that if he is saying that Shameela is disturbing his mother and his sister he should have consider that but he slaps his brother hard and soon after slapping him, he has realized that he has done something wrong, and he starts crying.

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