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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-18 Review: Zeeshan’s complex is suffocating Rida

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial based on sibling’s love, running on Geo Entertainment has taken a tragic turn and the play is getting more and more depressing. Neelum Munir is very beautifully playing the role of Rida, a girl who is trying hard to keep her husband happy but her husband’s complexes are now making her feel suffocated and Shameela on the other is busy in spewing her venom where ever she can.

Rida’s level of patience seems like reaching its peak and now she feels suffocating and hurt by Zeeshan’s never-ending complexes and his rude behavior. He at times is being extremely rude when Rida’s mother sends her a helper Zeeshan insults her in front of the servants and simply says that he does not want any servant and that he does not want any favor from Rida’s family. Rida feels so insulted in front of the servants. She wants to leave his house but then Zeeshan stops her by claiming that he passionately loves her and she is not even familiar with those emotions.


Rida’s heart once again melts she sends the servant back, but the servant tells Rida’s mother and bothers that Zeeshan badly behaves with Rida. Asim gets mad and emotional to hear that Zeeshan us treating her princess sister like that. He calls Rida and straightforwardly tells her that her husband has severe inferiority complexes and she deserves a much better person than him and that she should leave him. On the other hand Rida gets more disturbed to hear this.


Shameela is not slowing down in spreading her negativity, she is so after ruining Rida. She tells Hatim in a very artful way that she is feeling so sorry for Rida and that Zeeshan is not treating her well and he is not giving her the lifestyle she deserves, and also that she was their princess sister and being his bother he needs to take some action. Shameela is too cunning she knows that Hatim is very emotional and gets angry very easily and he is not rational as Fahaam. Hatim next day very rudely behaves with Zeeshan, Hatim in anger is not realizing the fact that he is being rude to her sister’s husband which is eventually going to affect her married life.


Zeeshan, on the other hand, is suppressing his fears and complexes from Rida, he has a complex of not being equal in status with Rida’s family and moreover he gets shocked to learn that he has fertility issues too and he cannot become a father. He fears that Rida is going to leave him eventually so he is also hiding this fact from Rida too. He becomes so rude and bitter that when Rida’s mother sends her fruits from their agricultural land he rudely refuses to take that gift. Rida tries her best to hide this from his brother and mother by asking the driver to take all the fruit crates himself but driver leaves it to maid Khadeeja, and Shameela cashes this situation and makes her fire from her job through Fahaam for stealing fruits crates and Khadeeja does not tell them the truth. She quietly leaves the house crying but not uttering the fact, Poor Rida’s mother is left alone as Asim has left the house too.

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