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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-20 Review: Fahaam gets shot by Farhan, who seeks revenge by killing him!

Kahin Deep Jalay the play based on siblings’ love and bonding aired its 20th Episode on Geo Entertainment and this episode has some really heart-wrenching scenes, be it intense Fahaam’s care and love for his sister Rida or his heartbreaking death scene, all brought tears in our eyes. The star of this episode is Fahaam, Ali Abbas has given an incredible performance.

Zeeshan is portrayed as the most insecure person, well what a coincidence that he has visited Rida’s house just to pick her back but then he waits at her room and in such a short time, from a huge bookshelf, full of books he picks the same particular book Touqeer has gifted her on her birthday and he reads the love note that Rida does not know about and has not even read it.


Being a passionate and extremely possessive lover, Zeeshaan’s reaction is quite normal but what he does wrong is that he does not give a single chance to Rida and does not even ask her for an explanation. He does not even show her the letter. Poor Rida has no idea why Zeeshan has treated her so harshly, he literally throws her out of his house. We are wondering where is Zeeshan’s mother when Zeeshan is shouting at Rida and he has pushed her out of the house along with the maid but her mother has not heard all this noise.


It is really difficult to stop our tears when Fahaam sees her sister in such a traumatic state and he has beautifully and brilliantly expressed the true feelings of a brother what happens to him to see his sister in such a state. The way he passionately loves her sister is so heart touching. The way Rida kissed his brother’s hand and the way he seeks apology from his mother is what makes us realize that Fahaam is one gem of a character and the credit definitely goes to the writer for crafting such an ideal brother.


The play hits the biggest tragedy when Poor Rida lost such gem of a brother, his biggest support in this world. Fahaam is going to Zeeshan’s house to talk with him but on his way, he gets across Farhan, the same guy who was after Rida. Farhan has escaped from the prison and he shoots Fahaam and tells him that he is taking revenge and also that he will eventually kill all of the brothers so that he can have Rida. Fahaam gets furious on this and despite being seriously injured he manages to grab the pistol from Fahaam’s hand and kills him. He did not survive as well, what all he had got in his mind at the last moments was his sister and family. It seems that Karma has hit Shameela very hard.

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