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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-22 Review: Shameela is resolute that she will not spare Rida

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial running on Geo Entertainment is getting more and more depressing as the story proceeds. The play is based on siblings and family love. The play turns tragic when Rida’s brother who was her biggest support dies in a murder attack. Rida is now literally helpless as her own husband and other brothers are not ready to believe her.

Shameela is grieving her husband’s untimely death but she has not learned anything from this tragedy. She is not realizing that it is Karma which has hit her so hard but despite reflecting on her past conduct and feeling guilty on it. Shameela’s evil mind is putting the whole blame on poor Rida. According to her she is the main reason of Fahaam’s death and for that she is not ready to forgive her.

In a fit of anger Shameela even tries to attack Rida with a knife, but luckily maid timely intervenes and Rida’s mother snatches the knife out of Shameela’s hands but then Hatim enters into the room and Shameela manipulates the whole scene by saying that khala is about to attack her with this knife she is holding. Hatim is shown naive enough to believe whatever rubbish Shameela says not for a single moment he shows any sympathy towards Rida or his mother.


Asim too does not want to see Rida’s face, the same is the case with Hatim, they both used to adore her but now they both are hating her. Shameela is succeeding in her plan, she has literally ruined Rida. Shameela is continuously feeding Zeeshan’s mind with suspicions against Rida, she lies that Rida has so many affairs and Zeeshan is stupid enough to believe those. Not for a single moment he thinks of giving Rida at least a chance to clarify her side. Well mostly tragedy and suffering change people’s heart but here Shameela is the same vile as before. Never for a single moment, she has realized that Rida was so dear to Fahaam and by hurting her she is actually hurting Fahaam’s soul.


Asim and Hatim decides that Shameela is not safe in their house so they make her shift at her mother’s place. Rida is begging forgiveness but Shameela says that she is not going to forgive her ever. Rida’s friend calls Rushna for condolence, Rida shares with her that she is the girl her mother has cursed and she is now cursed as Touqeer’s letter has ruined her. Rushna calls her brother and snubs him. He calls at Rida’s place but her mother tells him not to call here again as it is because of his letter that Zeeshan has thrown Rida out of his house. Well, it seems that Touqeer is now back in scene.

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