Kahin Deep Jalay

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-3 Review: Rida is a gem, being a good girl and sweet sister

Geo Entertainment drama serial Kahin Deep Jalay is a play that revolves around the story of a sweet girl Rida who is a girl having good moral values and she is so loving and caring that she is the apple of the eye of her brothers. Neelum Munir has beautifully carried her role as Rida. Imran Asharaf, Hammad Farooqi has also come up with their best of performances. Imran Asharaf and Neelum Munir are for the very first time coming as an onscreen couple in this play.

It is shown that Rida’s brothers love her so much and treats her like a princess particularly her elder brother Fahaam’s heart and soul are in Rida. He can do anything to bring a smile on her face be it wandering in the bazaar to get a perfect matching dupatta for her or anything. The amount of love she receives which she truly deserves is contrasted with her cousin and sister in law to be Shameela’s her brother treats her like a burden and he wants to marry her off as soon as possible.


Rida is being a good girl, she holds a good moral character and care of her values. She knows that she has the responsibility to return his brother’s love by being a good sister. She clearly snubs Rushna’s brother when he tries to share his feelings for her. Not for a single moment, she gets flattered by her brother’s praises for her. She simply knows that it is not good for her to keep any relation like that with a boy. Whereas it seems that Rushna’s brother is quite serious for her, his way of expressing may be stupid but he really likes her.


Zeeshan, on the other hand, gets into another trouble, as her mother gets fainted. He even forgets to inform his office about his absence and state of emergency. His boss is super angry he wants to terminate him but Hatim intervenes and he stops his boss from getting any termination letter for him. He says that he will check Zeeshan he must have got into some trouble and also that he will get the work done. He also comes to know that his mother is hospitalized after inquiring from his neighbors.


It seems that someone is following Rida when she goes to the book shop with her brother it is shown that someone is following her from a car. Well, one wonders who can be he? Rushna’s brother?
Then there is a little incident when some boys try to harass Rida and Hatim beats them. Well, it seems that Faham’s passionate love towards her sister is now disturbing her fiance Shameela and she is getting jealous of her.

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