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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-4 Review: Rida is being strongly envied by Shameela

Kahin Deep Jalay is a sweet tale of family and sibling love revolves around a gem of a sweet girl Rida whose brothers treat her like a true princess. The play is all about family love and sibling’s love. Neelum Munir has very beautifully carried this role of a sweet girl Rida who knows how to respect her values. All she knows is to love and care about others. Imran Asharaf, Abbas Ali, Hammad Farooqi have also come up with amazing performances.

Well although Shameela and family had a hell of an amazing time, she really enjoyed the picnic and also Faham has gifted her earrings too. But Shameela is really a mean and thankless girl. She instead of thanking God for what she has been blessed with, a loving and caring fiance and very loving in-laws to be. She has started drawing comparisons between her and Rida’s life and Faham’s mentioning of Rida and also that he passionately loves her sister has literally burnt her.


Rida on the other hand only knows how to love and care for others. She is not familiar with the emotions of jealousy. She knows that she has to repay his brother’s love by being a good girl. She knows that she will do nothing which will bring any shame to her brothers and this she assures to her mother as well. That is why she is simply ignoring Rushna’s brother’s all advances and she has also burnt the letter he has sent to her through the books.


Rida and her brothers love her so passionately, which is literally eating Shameela, she can’t stand with the fact that her own brother does not give a damn about her. However she is also ignoring the fact that she herself is not like Rida, she always misbehaves with her brother and sister in law, she has never tried to be loving or caring so how come she expects that they will love her in return? Shameela and Faham’s wedding is about to finalize. Shamila is so hypocritical that when her khala gifts her a suit she praises the suit a lot but in reality, she does not like that suit she has only done that for Faham.


Zeeshan, on the other hand, is about to lose his job but then Hatim intervenes and his job is saved. Zeeshan has no experience of working under someone so he looses his temper when his boss says that he is lying and making a fake excuse about his mother’s illness but then Hatim intervenes and tells his boss that Zeeshan is telling the truth, his mother was really hospitalized as she has visited his home and his neighbor has told him about his mother’s illness. Zeeshan is impressed with Hatim and Hatim also seems impressed by Zeeshan’s straightforwardness. It seems that they are going to be great friends.

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